Friday, 13 September 2013


Today. 13Sept.2013 is the first weekend after semester 5 starts.  All the lecturers for this sem quite okee for me..i pray for this final year to have a better starts n ends.Insyallah :)

But what makes me upset is that the lecturers appoint us for smaller number of group members.  I hate it when it comes to make decision that might offend someone though, hook or by crook we have to do ask for A person to stay and B person move to other groups.

Oh my Allah. Too many good heart to take care of. I never want to fringe any of my friends because I know how it felt and it affects everything. the relay. the performance. the feelings towards each other.

*Hope everything will be ok like never before and us becoming the top scorers/top presenters/top researchers/top for all for diz last two sems..aminn

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