Sunday, 25 August 2013

Inspirers inspire more.

August 26th 2013.  more less 2 weeks before new semester starts.  time fly fast though
During the holidays I eventually create an account for INSTAGRAM..hihi yay me~!.*pengaruh rakan sabaya belake..uhuhuhu. baru terbuka sikit mata n minda ntuk bersocialize thru other medium..asek2 fesbuk je..boring jugek iye dokk..

Bila dah try menda baru nie ospecos la hobi barunye duk explore segala button dalam tu..yg bentuk rumah tu kejanye ape, star, camera, luv icons n businesscard cenggitu..apa nak buat yekk..huhu sikit2 upload gamba la kite. =P lalala~

Then i started to follow some new friends and come to happen they bloggers i go peep on their entries larr cuz i noticed some of them are really good in words to inspire the heart of mine..heee

Feeling motivated, conscious, enlightened by the words really make me cry for my ignorance, for what I've forgotten, I've missed, I've wasted all this while..even it acts temporarily to wake me up from my lalaland it surely put me back on track of my purpose as a servant, as a daughter, as a student, as a muslimah girl and responsibilities that linger on me endlessly

Allah is Merciful.  The best planner that initiates a confluence and a farewell on time..whenever His servant need guidance for the better

*Terima Kasih..Semoga Allah memberkati kalian dalam setiap ilmu yang dikongsikan..Amin. =')

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